The race element, developed in cooperation with professional North American mushers, world class veterinarians and race officials – unassisted checkpoint and an overnight campout in the Russian tundra between Stages 5 and 6.

Key element of distance mushing, shifting the speed focus to endurance and an adventurous, expeditional, strategical component of dog racing and returning to the aboriginal origins of the sport..

Winter camping skills. Wise time management. Reading dogs and choosing the right line-up for the overnight. Stamina. Courage. Attitude.
One on one with your dogs. No handlers.
One one one with wilderness. No back up.
One on one with yourself.
Real trial by fire amidst the Russian tundra.

The heart of the official opening is the ceremonial start and a charity ride “I Am With You” for the kids from the Neya orphanage, kids from the Sunday school and the North Hope JR Musher School, and the winners of the Sled Dogs Through Kids Eyes art contest. Every musher will take a kid for a sled dog ride along the town streets.

During the year the children follow the race, teachers at the Sunday school give lessons about North Hope Race introducing the participants and telling about sled dogs, mushing history and the race history. Having chosen the favourite, every kid prepares a hand-made good luck gift for his musher. He will give this gift to his musher at the opening ceremony sending the warmth of his heart out on the trail to keep his musher safe. The gift will be included in the mandatory gear and will cover the whole race distance to the finish line.

The skijorers will participate in a colorful parade with children and dogs representing their regions.

Gifted artists from all over the country have created series of beautiful artworks about the miracle of North Hope and we came up with an idea to print a limited run of postcards with these artworks and also with the best works from the Sled Dogs Through Kids Eyes Exhibition – and let them fly around the globe!

All the money raised will go to the Sled Dogs Helping Children project allowing to put on rehabilitation programs for orphan, challenged and special needs kids.

Don Lyrek (USA/Norway)

Race Marshal

Don Lyrek (Norway) – Race Marshal

    Caroline Griffitts (USA)

    Head Vet

    Caroline Griffitts (USA) – Head Vet

      Elena Litvinova (Russia)

      Race Judge

        Valeriy Polischuk (Russia)

        Trail Boss

          Richard Long (Canada)

          Race Vet

            Dmitriy Tokuyev (Russia)

            Race Vet

              Olga Pavlinskaya

              Race Judge (Russia)

                Nadezhda Bakhteyeva (Russia)

                Race Vet

                  Igor Redkin (Russia)

                  Volunteer Coordinator (Russia)




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